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  • Certified Fulfillment Life Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Organizational Development Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Master Spirit Life Coach
  • Coach mentor
  • Senior lecturer at an internationally renowned coaching school
  • International keynote speaker
  • Multiple time Best-Selling Author
  • Co-creator of the popular Coach Wisdom book series
  • Founder of One Heart One Life, a Non-profit organization 

An Award Winner of the WIM Canada (Women In Management) Upcoming Entrepreneur Award, the Woman On Fire Business Woman of the Year Award and in 2019, nominated as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.

Divya LV Jegasundaram is a PCC level Coach with the ICF, and holds various coaching certifications such as Certified Fulfillment Life Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Development Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach. In addition to being a full time Coach, Divya is a coach mentor, senior lecturer at an internationally renowned coaching school, international keynote speaker, multiple time best-selling author, the proud co-creator of the popular Coach Wisdom book series as well as the founder of One Heart One Life, a non-profit organization helping those suffering from mental health and suicide prevention.

Divya spent more than 13 years as a successful banker in both the UK and Canada before gaining her certification as Coach in 2013. Internationally known for her work, Divya is recognized and honored for her career success and service to society. Focus, ambition and a strong personal drive have been inherent qualities that Divya has emulated in all aspects of her social, family and professional life.

Different life experiences piqued her interest and passion for helping others to formulate, shape and achieve their goals, dreams and desires, which is how she became the youngest bank manager in both the UK and North America. Her ability to affect others positively is born from a patient and understanding temperament, a strong will, extraordinary drive and a humanity that radiates and embraces those around her. 

Divya’s ongoing efforts helped her quickly be recognized as a young woman with an ability to motivate, inspire and empower those she meets and works with.  Her enthusiasm in sharing the profession and benefits of coaching with the masses, has resulted in her being able to deeply impact and empower her clients to lead and live a fulfilled life. Described by those who know her as a leader with strong people development skills, disciplined coaching practices and the ability to not only motivate teams but also empower them to succeed in their objectives, she is known to have an uncompromising work ethic, a passion and love for sales, strategy and continues to demonstrate the ability of meeting and exceeding goals and objectives.


As a dynamic and results-driven Sales and Executive coach with 13 plus years of personal successful sales, management and business development experience, in a highly competitive, energetic and goal oriented industry, Divya’s strong business development and assessment skills have enabled her to have a proven track record across a wide range of industries whereby she applies many of her own experiences in order to successfully coach and help people to better themselves personally and professionally in their lives.


As a coach Divya sees it as her mission to assist clients in understanding where they are now, identifying where they want to be along with the barriers that may be delaying their progress whilst finally working together to achieve the success they desire, taking a holistic approach that then benefits all areas of their life as opposed to just one goal. It is Divya’s passionate belief that people use her as a hammer with which to break through their dam of constraints and be flooded with the reservoir of endless capability any person has.

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