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Coach Divya

Certified Fulfillment Coach

To be fulfilled, productive and confident to overcome your challenges with clarity and focus, connect with me.

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Supported by

Coach Divya

Certified Fulfillment Coach

To be fulfilled, productive and confidant to overcome your challenges with clarity and focus, connect with me.


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Meet Divya!

Divya LV Jegasundaram

Divya LV Jegasundaram is a PCC level Coach with the ICF, and holds various coaching certifications such as Certified Fulfillment Life Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Development Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach. In addition to being a full time Coach, Divya is a coach mentor, senior lecturer at an internationally renowned coaching school, international keynote speaker, multiple time best-selling author, the proud co-creator of the popular Coach Wisdom book series as well as the founder of One Heart One Life, a non-profit organization helping those suffering from mental health and suicide prevention.

Divya spent more than 13 years as a successful banker in both the UK and Canada before gaining her certification as Coach in 2013. Internationally known for her work, Divya is recognized and honored for her career success and service to society. Focus, ambition and a strong personal drive have been inherent qualities that …



I had an excellent experience learning to become a certified coach by Symbiosis. This experience was made memorable and priceless by my instructor, Divya Jegasundaram.

Divya has a keen sense of the art and science of coaching. She ensured that students took full advantage of Symbiosis campus materials.

Divya also suggested other relevant reading material about coaching. Her knowledge and experience as a PCC were invaluable to this experience.

Divya helped me unpack and confront my fears about starting and marketing my coaching business.

Divya provided valuable feedback throughout the course. She displayed care and was committed to our success. I am a certified coach, thanks to Divya's passion for coaching and superior facilitation skills.

I've stepped into my purpose of coaching with a clear sense of my niche and abilities to make a difference.

Thank you, Divya!

Herbert Billinger
Certified Executive| Purpose| Men’s Empowerment Coach

I look forward to every encounter I have with DIvya. Her genuine expression for facilitating authentic growth is extremely apparent. She remains professional and composed even in turbulent moments. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly invested in the advancement and wellness of her clients.

Lisa N

I had the pleasure of meeting Divya as she was my life coach instructor when I took my certification classes. I learnt so much from her because she explained everything well with such patience and skill, which inevitably gave me great understanding of how to be an exceptional life coach. Divya has also been a mentor coach to me for over two years now and as a mentor, she has taught me to believe in myself by challenging me to coach people with confidence, integrity, drive and creative ways to connect with my clients. She holds me accountable with my personal and professional goals and gives her whole heart to helping me be the best version of myself as a life coach! I am where I am today because of her!

Brandy Goddard
Certified Empowerment & Executive Coach

I feel so fortunate to have been trained and coached by Divya. She is an incredible coach, instructor, and the ultimate supporter and connector. As a coach, I go to Divya whenever I have a question and need clarity because I trust her guidance and expertise. She is fully present, asks poignant questions, and goes above and beyond to support her clients. I also admire all of the amazing projects that she is a part of, which gives me so much hope and inspiration to dream about what is possible. Divya is a superhero and she is the best person to guide anyone into becoming their own superhero too.

Jennifer Paulino
Certified Executive and Personal Transformation Coach

Divya has been a coach & a mentor to me from the beginning of my coach journey. What I really like about working with her is that, she is genuinely interested in my growth & development. She builds a great rapport & makes me feel very comfortable, and that is the reason I can easily discuss my deepest issues with her. I owe my hidden abilities of writing & becoming an expert at self-empowerment to her sincere curiosity about my development. She has encouraged me to acknowledge my smallest wins, which in the long run has helped build my self-belief. With her support, I have been courageous enough to start writing articles, & even start my own coaching business!! I will always be grateful that our paths crossed & thank you for always being there for me.

Shweta Chheda
Certified Self-Empowerment Coach

I was looking for some direction in my life, or rather a suitable route for my career path. This led me to Divya who coached me for a set of structured and immersive sessions. It was a great experience and made me realise a lot about myself. The best part was introducing me to the concept of "Delayed Gratification" which is something that helped change my outlook on life. Thank you Divya, I really enjoyed our sessions.

Tarun Pravin
Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur

‘Every session with Divya, I have gained huge insights into what my goals are, what’s been stopping me from achieving them and how I can now reach them now. I am able to see for myself what is important in my life now and the value of my life! Hiring Divya as my coach has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for MY life because in my opinion a coach is able to push you and motivate you to see the reality of that goal and how it can be reached. Divya should continue doing what she is doing as she has a huge amounts of drive, enthusiasm, positivity, passion and this inner motivation that helps us clients gain those same feelings and the momentum. She pushes you to achieve your goals whilst working on your self-confidence, belief in yourself and other key concepts that influence our lives.’

Rachel C.
Toronto, Canada

‘I found in Divya a real friend, philosopher and guide. She taught me Life Coaching (Batch 2014)at Symbiosis and got me certified as an Executive Coach (CCA) under her tutelage. I found in her awesome clarity of thought, genuineness to lend support and help, an extremely co-creative facilitator and a thorough professional who is extremely passionate about Coaching.’

Biswarup Goswami
Certified Executive Coach & Vice President – People Energy Process (Global), Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, Mumbai, India

‘Divya helped me specifically with business coaching and overcoming a lot of fear that was within me pertaining to different areas of my life. It was only when we started working through a lot of my life’s blocks and barriers that it occurred to me why I had hired her as my coach and why I would continue to have her as my coach. The breakthroughs that Divya has made with me have been life changing, enormous and all for the better. Thank you Divya. I love working with you.’

Dana F.
Las Vegas, USA

‘I receive such a lot in just 1 hour from Divya, that I always feel I have been given extra times. From the moment I first spoke to Divya, she made me feel that my goals are attainable and that I am not alone on this journey. She really understood what I was saying and never told me that I was wrong. She encouraged me to open up without putting any pressure on me. I think the best thing was, she made me feel at ease and it was nice to express how I feel without being judged. This was key for me. Every session is comfortable and relaxed yet thought provoking and challenging at the same time. This journey with Divya by my side has been an exciting and eye opening time of my life. Divya’s confident, professional and approachable manner allows me to recommend her to anyone.’

Christine W.
Vancouver, Canada

‘Out on the expedition to refine my learnings and save myself from the burnish that business brings I found my seeked solution in Divya , the instructor and guide for the course. She portrays an ideal mentor and ensembles the set of skills only a ‘coach’ in real terms can. Permeated in contentment and the true meanings of an abundance consciousness Divya coached us with a frank, open and personal connection. Leading by example she acted as a buff which purges impurities. Be it a personal greeting filled with warmth at the start of every class or a short brief on the standing of the class when we defaulted being on time Divya was always filled with consideration, understanding and liveliness in her voice. It was an enriching experience and Divya was an unmistakable element onto it. Thank You Divya,’

Dr.Meghana D.
Mumbai, India

‘I used to think I had no time for coaching, and wasn’t sure how I was going to benefit from it. My opinion changed from the moment I had my sample session with Divya. She has a way of making you feel at ease in every situation and through every coaching call or meeting. She asks very thought provoking questions, encourages the free flow of ideas and dream building, whilst staying focused, attentive and keeping it real.’

Dominic E
Toronto, Canada

‘I recall that my first coaching session with Divya took place before I went to sleep one night. For me, it was when I awoke that I noticed how calm, and peaceful I felt, along with a decrease in my stress and anxiety levels that I had become somewhat accustomed to. In my first session, Divya made me realize that my goals were not only attainable but also quite within my reach, should I want them. I like that my coach’s expectations and standards are high, as that’s what I personally respond well to and it’s what I need. Divya is very enthusiastic about life which is infectious.’

Victoria H.
York, UK

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To be fulfilled, productive and confidant to overcome your challenges with clarity and focus, connect with me.



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What is Coaching?

Coaching is an incredibly special journey.  It is a co-creative relationship, whereby the client and coach identify, collaborate and work on achieving desired personal and or professional goals.



Coaching has been proven to work when the client is willing to grow and when there is an obvious gap between where the client is and where he or she wants to be. Coaching with me, you will:


The Process

At Coach Life Play Life, every client’s confidentiality during our entire relationship is confidential. No matter what walk of life you are coming from or whether you choose to receive your

Benefits of Working with Divya

Coaching has been proven to work when the client is willing to grow and when there is an obvious gap…

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